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Todd Goodman Art

Peace Takes Two

Peace Takes Two

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Original art by Todd Goodman, mixed media painting on 24"x36" canvas. Prints are available as Gallery Wrapped Canvas and Posters. 

Another painting in my continuing series on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this painting is another play on the theme of peace and flags. I originally created this design in the early 2000's as a sketch and drawing, but decided to repaint it using acrylics and gold and silver leaf. I chose to use a variety of blue, red, green and black tones to not only create an interesting juxtaposition of colors, but it also represents the diversity of people represented by each flag and nation. And the very center of the painting is the outline of the geographical borders of the Holyland, whether you want to call it Israel or Palestine. What is simply fact is that peace will never reach this land until both people, two peoples, recognize each other's humanity, dignity, history and rights.

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